– A green domain name idea for your successful startup is a one-of-a-kind domain name idea for a green, organic, vegan, bio business and much more, sold at a fraction of its value.

2 – A green domain name idea for your successful startup is a magical formula that can be a good fit for a whole range of business sectors: from a healthy food company (raw, vegan, bio, organic) to a technology start-up. Think how the word “apple” doesn’t have anything to do with technology but Apple it’s still one of the biggest I.T. company of the world.

More than that, even as an investment opportunity is a great deal, thinking that similar domain name have sold with large amounts of money. For example, it was announced recently that the domain name was sold for $78,000. GreenHouse – 500,000 USD, GreenRoads – 160,000 USD, GreenGarden – 80,000 USD, GreenJuice – 35,000 USD, AppleGreen – 56,263 USD etc real value is in terms of tens of thousands of dollars, so its actual selling price is a tiny part of it.

Don’t miss your opportunity to buy this great name – it won’t be available for very long!

And I mean it!

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