AlmaLinux, CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed – Migration from Shared Web Hosting to Unmanaged VPS

Everything I’ve Accomplished to Move My Website from Shared Web Hosting in Europe to Unmanaged VPS in Dallas, United States. From A to Z – AlmaLinux, CyberPanel, and OpenLiteSpeed: Installation, Updates, Website Migration, DNS Management, SSL Certificate, Email Setup, Optimization, Backup, Security, and How Many Unique Visitors Per Second My…

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Solved – Why Am I Getting 404 Error When I Try to Open index.html Using the IP of My Server in Browser After a Fresh Linux Server Install with CyberPanel

How to do IP mapping in OpenLiteSpeed so you don't get 404 Error when trying to open index.html from server IP address

In This Article We Will “Talk” About Why You Are Getting 404 Error When you Try to Open index.html Using the IP of your Server in Browser After a Fresh Linux Distribution Server Install with CyberPanel Free Control Panel and Adding a Website with Only index.html in public_html Folder. Also,…

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Thinking Outside the Box to Find Uncommon Methods for Advertising Domain Sales

This Is an Article About Collaborative Content, Interactive Competitions, Influencer Endorsements, Virtual Reality Showrooms, and Augmented Reality Experiences to Revolutionize Domain Sales and Ignite a Thriving Online Marketplace. With numerous domains vying for attention, it is important to adopt innovative and uncommon methods of advertising to stand out from the…

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