AlmaLinux, CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed – Migration from Shared Web Hosting to Unmanaged VPS

Everything I’ve Accomplished to Move My Website from Shared Web Hosting in Europe to Unmanaged VPS in Dallas, United States. From A to Z – AlmaLinux, CyberPanel, and OpenLiteSpeed: Installation, Updates, Website Migration, DNS Management, SSL Certificate, Email Setup, Optimization, Backup, Security, and How Many Unique Visitors Per Second My…

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Unique Site Content is The King of Google

more unique your website contest is more higher you will rank in search engines Goolge SEO

The importance of creating high-quality and original content for better indexing on search engines like Google, with an example of a unique article on optimizing WordPress websites with the default font. In the world of SEO, there has been a long-standing debate on what is more important: link building or…

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Why Choosing a WordPress Theme with Vanilla Javascript Instead of jQuery is Crucial for Your Website’s Success

latest trends in speed optimization of your site using vanilla javascript instead of jquery

The Importance of Vanilla Javascript over jQuery for Improved Website Loading Times, Security, Flexibility, Mobile Performance, and Accessibility When Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Business or Blog. Having a fast-loading website is very important for the success of any online business or blog. One of the factors that can…

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