The Great Evolution of Mobile Phones – From WAP to Smartphones

Once upon a time, WAP used to mean Wireless Application Protocol, but now it means WhatsApp, just like in that clever advertisement. WAP was a wireless protocol in the past, but now Wapp refers to the popular messaging application WhatsApp.

Nokia 3310 the evolution of mobile phones

I’m almost ready to use it myself, but before that, let me share a few things about mobile phones and how I struggled to use them.

In the past, if you wanted to access the internet affordably, you could purchase a four-euro option from Orange that provided unlimited WAP access. You could install Mig33, a Java-based application, to have automatic refresh on Yahoo Messenger. On the mobile page, you had to manually refresh the page because Yahoo was always problematic.

Having had mobile phones since I was young, I started to lose interest in them because I always preferred computers. Even though there was a Sony Xperia in the house, belonging to my nephew, and my father had a tablet, I had no idea how to use them because they didn’t interest me.

I knew a lot about them in theory since I read and researched extensively on the internet, not just about technology but various other domains as well. But… I lacked practical knowledge in using mobile phones. I preferred something with a mouse.

I understand their usefulness, as they have become powerful devices with advancements in both software and hardware, thanks to miniaturization. Everyone has shifted their attention towards smartphones, and desktop processors have been somewhat left behind. Of course, the manufacturing process has evolved, with advancements in nanometer technology, but I’m referring to the frequency and processing speed, which cannot be increased significantly anymore. As you all know, the evolution of processors has shifted towards multi-core architectures rather than just focusing on speed.

From this perspective, nothing has changed. Graphene, despite being discussed extensively, hasn’t been effectively employed to prevent current silicon-based processors from overheating when pushed to their limits.

I am also drawn to modern smartphones, but even if I had the most powerful smartphone available right now, I would be excited for a few days, and then it would gather dust until I needed it for tutorials or gameplay on Games Cik.

Now, let me share a few more anecdotes about smartphones and my struggles in using them:

  1. At the Auto Moto Show, a model approached me and asked where to store the photos she took, as she wanted to see them. Not understanding the name of my blog, she handed me her phone to type it in. I looked at her, amazed by her beauty, then at the phone, and handed it back, asking her to enter it herself.

Speaking of the blog, at another event, I told someone to visit Cik.Ro (pronounced “”), but she understood it as “Gica punct ro” (Gica dot ro). Well, I laugh now, even though it was early in the morning.

How could my blog be named “Gica”?

  1. Another beautiful girl, whom I cannot share a photo of, as it would confirm my statement about her beauty, was also a bit of a celebrity and a singer. I was not at an event but rather at her workplace, where I had some business. She gave me her iPhone (I don’t remember which one exactly) to search something on the internet, and then she went back to work as she couldn’t stay with me for the search.

I stared at the phone, unsure of what to do. Eventually, I asked another lady sitting next to me to help. I was embarrassed once again because someone who is supposed to be tech-savvy like me didn’t know how to use smartphones. Just like those little kids or gamers on Twitch say, “f**k my life”.

Now I know, but back then I didn’t.

  1. A creative colleague, about ten years younger than me, told me that she only uses Skype to chat with me, and she suggested that I join WhatsApp. She mentioned it last year, but I still haven’t used that particular application.

I’m considering switching from my classic Nokia phone to a smartphone soon, along with Dodel, my favorite football player. Maybe even this year!

Well, don’t hold your breath! Because I’m afraid I’ll end up not so good.

The evolution of mobile phones from WAP to smartphones has drastically transformed the way we communicate, access information, and navigate our daily lives. The rise of powerful handheld devices has brought convenience and connectivity to our fingertips, but it has also presented challenges for those who struggled to adapt to these new technologies.

Now, let’s hear from you: How has your experience been with the transition from traditional mobile phones to smartphones? Have you encountered any difficulties in embracing the advancements in mobile technology? Share your thoughts and anecdotes in the comments below!

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