YouTube Disables Monetization on Your Videos Because Google Has a Normal CEO Not a Genius

YouTube Monetization Woes and The Impact of Google’s “Normal” CEO on Content Creators. Unveiling the Dilemma – How the Leadership Dynamics at Google, Driven by a “Normal” CEO, Shape Monetization Decisions and Policies, Leaving Content Creators in a State of Uncertainty and Frustration.

Why YouTube disabled monetization on my YouTube channel

If you didn’t know why YouTube is disabling monetization on your videos that fully comply with their rules, let me tell you: it’s because Google is led by a normal person, not a genius, and their IT department is a mess.

Last week, I woke up to find around forty videos on my YouTube channel, Cik.Ro, and three on Games Cik.Ro, had their monetization removed, supposedly because they are not suitable for all advertisers.

I only took screenshots of the first two to explain the situation to you.

If the world has gone crazy and had a pillow fight, well, maybe I can understand that: the word “fight” is in there, and their AI, or should I say artificial (non)intelligence, might have thought people were actually fighting. The truth is, some guys there had a remarkable skill in hitting you with a pillow, especially when you weren’t looking, nearly making me drop the camera a few times.

Even so, how else can you phrase it without using the word “fight” in the sense of “battle”?

“Applying the pillow to the pumpkin”? Something like “Pillow to the pumpkin”?

If you can come up with explanations for this, even though the video doesn’t violate any YouTube rules and monetization was removed for no reason, how can you explain removing it from a video that promotes your services?

I’m talking about the one titled “Optimizing Google PageSpeed.”

As much as we all love and use YouTube every day, it has become a monstrous platform to manage. It’s too huge to be handled by people alone, so they come up with all sorts of rules.

There’s talk on the internet that certain videos that appeared on YouTube upset the folks on Wall Street.

Officially, it was said that some people posted racist or xenophobic videos, and companies ran away with their advertising money.

Since Google is an American company and obsessed with money, they didn’t take it lightly and started banning videos without any real reason. File a complaint if you’re not happy with it.

They even go as far as doing that thing, so if your AdSense earnings have dropped, it’s because certain videos have been demonetized. They prohibit your videos without any real reason, and then they tell you to file a complaint and see if they reactivate monetization or not. It’s a kind of mockery.

It’s not even about the money because these channels make less than $10 a month, and the money doesn’t come from pillow fights but from tutorials. No, not even the one about Romania’s Independence Day brought in much, because traffic from my country is seen as coming from a banana republic. You know, those from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and so on have three, while Romanians only have two.

It’s the same with ads on YouTube. That’s just a heads-up for those who want to make YouTube videos.

They make you click on random things until your hand goes numb because, being Google, you don’t just click once for each video. You click, it takes you to another page, and you click again there.

It’s about your videos, your recordings, for which you’ve worked, and they mess with them without any real reason, and these things are annoying.

Worse still, you file a complaint, and they reinstate monetization if you happen to come across the right person, even if it takes three months. It depends on views and likes. A video with over 20k views was fixed within a few hours, while one with just a few views took over three months.

Talking about these things, they still haven’t been “fixed” even now.

And all this happens because Google currently has a normal person as its CEO, not a genius.

I like smart people; I seek them out to admire them.

I know both lesser-known individuals who are highly intelligent and those we all know.

For example, Stephen Hawking is a very smart person, a genius. Not because others say so, but because I’ve observed that spark myself, which isn’t present in all ordinary mortals like us.

In both his YouTube videos and the only book of his that I’ve read because it’s short, with only a hundred pages: Stephen Hawking – A Brief History of Time.

I’ve read plenty of books before, back when I was a child and didn’t have the internet. I have a small library that I still keep behind me. From Jurassic Park, when it first came out and I was in elementary school, to the collection of “Alexandre Dumas” or Karl May’s with Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. That kind of books, adventure or science fiction. Unfortunately, the internet came along, and books seemed to lose some of their charm.

Stephen Hawking truly is a genius, one who has a sense of humor, just like all intelligent and good people. I don’t think he got offended; on the contrary, not even when he was portrayed as a chewing gum on a wheelchair in the movie Sausage Party (2016), which I invite you to watch if you haven’t seen it. I don’t know what those who made it were smoking, but it’s way too funny. A very hilarious animation.

If we’re going to talk about intelligent women, Carly Fiorina is certainly one of them. It’s very hard to find a woman as intelligent as her, and I’m being realistic, not misogynistic. When I hear Carly Fiorina speak, I feel small, insignificant, and unintelligent.

That’s why he was, among other things, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Big companies need such people, with an above-average IQ, people who are immediately sought after when they become available and who earn millions or tens of millions of dollars per year. That’s also why big companies make agreements among themselves not to steal each other’s most important people.

When it comes to the current CEO of Google, he is said to be very intelligent. When no one can find a solution to a critical problem of the American company, he leaves the room, and after five minutes, he comes up with the saving solution.

Jokingly, I think he either calls a friend or does a fifty-fifty, like in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” because I have watched videos of him on YouTube, and his intelligence didn’t impress me.

I didn’t see that spark of genius like in the individuals mentioned before. Maybe he is smart, and I am not capable of realizing it. I saw a normal person, and that’s about it.

That’s why I can’t even imagine how he became the CEO of the company. What could be the connections?

Sponsorships, lobbying, pressure, lots of money?

How did this person become the CEO of Google? It’s not about envy, but a natural question.

I believe that’s why Google will decline because, where a genius is needed, a normal person has ended up.

That’s also the reason why monetization on YouTube videos is taken away from you without a reason.

Just as the saying goes, “the fish rots from the head,” the IT industry also starts to have problems from there.

Do you believe that the leadership of a company, such as Google, being entrusted to a “normal” CEO can have an impact on the decisions and policies that affect content creators on platforms like YouTube? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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