Let’s Help with Technology Tutorials on YouTube! Google Is Acting Gangsta

It’s Disheartening to Create Technology Tutorials on YouTube When You See How Some People Behave and Google’s Increasing Monopoly Becomes More Boring. (Updated article in 2023)

YouTube has some absurd rules about the number of viewers and subscribers to allow monetization only for some countries

It has been years since YouTube became a business primarily for certain countries, or rather one particular country (not known for quality content), and not for other countries.

If you try to create quality content there and monetize it, you will encounter some absurd rules regarding the number of subscribers, views, etc.

Previously, anyone could make some money with YouTube, but now YouTube only exists for only some who can make money because if you are from a non-privileged country, you have very few chances of earning money from YouTube. What was that thing again, Google with “Don’t be evil”?

I have an old sysadmin friend who has me on his blogroll, and it’s relevant. It really matters to me. Few, but good! He’s that brilliantly smart type with more IT knowledge than me, and he hates Google for the monopoly established by the American company. At least, that’s how it used to be, as far as I know.

While many bloggers don’t know how to get the best indexing on Google, he clearly wrote in his robots.txt file that he didn’t want any trace of the Americans’ spiders on his blog. His blog wasn’t indexed on Google for a long time.


Well, that doesn’t depend on you because if other sites link to your blog, you still appear there. It’s like in the past when you expected not to receive spam emails because you knew how to protect yourself. You took precautions, but your friends made sure to scan your ID on various sites and put you on spam lists.

Now it’s on Google. I still have respect for him regarding this situation, for the past!

Before I write about how YouTube has become a business only for some and not for others, and how Google is behaving weirdly, trying to forcefully dominate the Internet, let’s talk about technology tutorials on YouTube.

In general, people thank me for helping them with such things on YouTube.

With one exception: that tutorial on reducing HDD noise.

That particular video received many dislikes because people think the program is a virus.

I didn’t disable the thumbs up/down feature so that I could see what people think.

I tried to explain to them in the comments and in the description: it’s not malware, but a very useful program created by Joern Koerner a long time ago and kept on Google’s servers (https://sites.google.com/site/quiethdd/). Unfortunately, despite Google’s flaws, they wouldn’t keep a virus there for such a long time.

The program isn’t digitally signed, but it’s not a virus either. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that it doesn’t make any connections to the Internet.

It only makes some modifications to make your HDD less noisy and increase its lifespan. I’m not interested in preventing the HDD from breaking faster; I just don’t want to be bothered. I don’t like noises; they disrupt my rhythm. The 7,200 RPM HDD “squeaks,” while the 5,400 RPM ones “whistle.”

If you don’t have an SSD, you must install quietHDD to enjoy silence.

I’ve used it with Windows XP, 7, and 8. It’s a “must-have” for me.

I couldn’t find anyone to understand me on YouTube. People still claim it’s a virus.

As a cybersecurity enthusiast, I’d never virus them.

I’ve noticed something, not only online but also in real life: the more sincerely you try to explain things to some people, the more they believe you’re lying.

I no longer bother explaining anything; I respond to them as they deserve. If they’re going to ruin my monetization on some videos anyway, I might as well break their rules and tell them what I feel. It helps me cool down.

If they’re stupid, you tell them they’re stupid, maybe they’ll calm down. They don’t even troll to be funny.

Just because someone learned how to turn on a computer doesn’t make them smarter. On the contrary, some people become dumber.

I respond normally to those who ask reasonable questions.

For example, there was this wizard colleague, judging by his avatar’s hat. Due to the fact that there are tutorials on my YouTube that don’t exist anywhere else, such as the one about free watermark that stays above other windows, so you don’t have to edit the video, reduce its quality, and waste time after creating a video for YouTube, people come and ask you things they don’t know.

They could solve them on their own because they’re not difficult, but people prefer to be spoon-fed. That’s what you give them, to make them happy. You know that it’s highly likely for them to steal your tutorials and spread them across their own country, but that’s how it goes.

I’ve noticed that my blog does well without comments. It’s better not to have people commenting than to have them write nonsense and annoy you. I don’t know how some people tolerate it.

Let only a few individuals comment, but with intelligent or normal things that don’t cause stress. Because if it’s like this elsewhere, it’s even worse here.

From some people, you can’t expect much. But you’d think that Google and YouTube are chosen things that shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

YouTube started automatically demonetizing my IT tutorials. File a complaint if you don’t like it!

Like the one below, nearly ten minutes long, which took even longer to create, connect cables to the router, send firmware through TFTPD32, edit it, add a watermark, and so on.

It has ten thousand views, and people thanked me for it.

Now, Google has disabled monetization for it… and I noticed that to have it reinstated, the video needs to reach a thousand views in seven days. Impossible.

People thanked me, they still thank me for the tutorials, and I’m starting to earn nothing from them, even though I worked hard to create them, tested them, brought new things, and used my accumulated knowledge from years.

Google is great! I hope they go bankrupt gracefully!

What should I do now to unblock something that was randomly blocked? Buy views? I don’t want to do that. The idea is to make money from tutorials, not waste your money on them.

You know that there’s a guy who sells such things through “embed” on high-traffic websites, not with bots.

Normal views that YouTube can’t delete because they wouldn’t have a reason to. Many people use bots for views, but he doesn’t.

That guy explained on a website that even celebrities came to him to buy a million views for their YouTube videos, to help them go viral. He didn’t give names, and it’s normal not to, but there were people from all fields, including the music industry.

That’s how some videos go viral, if you didn’t know. It’s not always about sharing.

If you upload absolutely any video from my country, the struggle with low views begins. I changed the country, but it doesn’t matter. Google Chrome doesn’t allow you to access certain sites blocked for my country, not even with a VPN, because it knows you’re from our country. It didn’t used to be like this before, but now you have to use Internet Explorer.

If you upload videos to YouTube directly from other countries, things start to change, indicating that Google has turned the audio-video platform into a business only for a few.

And it’s not just YouTube that operates like this.

Under the pretext of protecting you from viruses, you don’t have root access on Android just to comply with Google’s rules. Previously, if there was adware on Windows, no one would install it. But with Android applications, it’s a rule – ads everywhere, which means a lot of money. Plus, Google’s own stuff that you can’t uninstall.

Do you remember when Google started suing people who had websites that helped you download videos from YouTube? Although it’s a stupid thing, because when you see something on the Internet, you download it to your computer anyway, even temporarily. That’s how things work on the Net, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see anything.

People with such websites have now tried to solve the issue like this: they pretend to convert the video for you, so you don’t download it directly from YouTube. Obviously, they don’t have the necessary hardware power to do that, but it’s their “escape” loophole.

Under the current leadership, Google is becoming increasingly ugly. They have money only for some, not for others.

When I was a child, there were these gelatinous things that you stuck to walls. Like green boogers.

That’s how Google is at risk of becoming, if it’s not already.

What is your experience with Google and YouTube monetization?

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