Maximizing YouTube’s AdSense Potential – Great Strategies for Monetizing Your Content

Maximizing Earnings, Unleashing Creativity, and Thriving in the Complex YouTube-AdSense Ecosystem – Insights and Experiences from Testing, Filming Sporting Events, and Tackling Online Trolling.

How to make more money from YouTube with Google AdSense maximizing cash on YouTube videos

How Google AdSense works on YouTube is quite slow. I have been testing lately to see how AdSense performs on YouTube. Unfortunately, in my country, for regular users, there aren’t many lucrative methods that Google offers to monetize your YouTube videos, unlike more advanced countries where there are more tools available.

Here, it’s all about Google AdSense ads, clicks on them, and where those clicks come from. If they come from Romania, the payout is very low, but if they come from the United States or other similarly advanced countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Australia, etc.), the payout is better. The highest record I had was 82 cents for a click from Austria on a “How to” video.

As I continue testing here, I wanted to see how much money videos filmed at sports events can generate.

So, I filmed a lot at the FIBA 3×3 European Championships 2016, edited the videos by adding watermarks, and then uploaded them to YouTube starting on September 2. Later, I embedded them on LiveLeak to drive quality traffic to them.

Of course, I faced some trolling on LiveLeak because nobody escapes that there. Many smart people are there who get bored quickly if you don’t upload videos related to the site’s theme, particularly violent ones.

However, I got over it, especially since some of the messages were amusing.

Some were not amusing at all. I received private messages from some people who wished me various things and informed me that they blocked and reported me as spam. Their threats had no effect since the moderators there know that the content is mine, unique, and not copied from others.

After a while, I took a look at Google Analytics through the YouTube interface to see how those videos performed in terms of estimated revenue.

The “highest” amount came, as expected, on September 3, 2016, with $2.40. That was when I uploaded the video featuring “Dracula’s Girls” cheerleaders, which gathered around 3,500 views. Girls attract attention, everyone knows that, and if I were to only upload such content on LiveLeak, it would be fine with the users there.

Overall, the estimated income is around $7, which is a meager amount.

The only thing to remember from this test is that things work as long as you have a lot of content.

I’m considering doing something in the near future, still related to YouTube and Google AdSense, that performs a bit better and brings decent earnings, not the jokes mentioned above.

I hope the above information is useful to you.

What strategies have you found effective for maximizing Google AdSense revenue on YouTube?

Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

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