Testing the Power of Facebook Groups for Blog Traffic

The Hidden Gems and Pitfalls of Sharing Links in Facebook Groups: Insights, Experiences, and Strategies to Boost Your Blog’s Visitors.

How many visits can you get from Facebook groups

How many visits do the links posted in Facebook groups bring to your blog?

As I’m constantly trying to discover new things and test various stuff, I thought it would be worth seeing how many visitors the addresses posted in Facebook groups can bring to your blog.

So, here’s how it goes: you start writing a quality article, post it on your blog, and then you go to Facebook and share the link in relevant groups.

What does a quality article mean?

A quality article entails a lot of work: research, logic, writing, proofreading, resizing and compressing images, and further proofreading before publishing.

For example, my article on the top movies of 2016 took about five hours in the initial phase because I needed to recall the movies I watched in order to write about them and watch the trailers of the films I wanted to see. Five hours, with breaks, in the first phase, as the article will be updated as I watch more movies. Currently, it has around four thousand words, and it will probably reach about ten thousand words once I finish it.

That’s what a quality article means – long and continuously attracting visitors. It falls into the category of “evergreen” articles.

Since such an article is difficult to write, you can’t post multiple articles on your blog in a day. I just thought of a blogger who writes exceptionally well and posts only one article on the blog each day or every few days. People were dissatisfied because they wanted more daily articles from that person, but they don’t realize how challenging it is to do so. Sometimes, it’s even impossible because a good article requires a significant amount of time.

What do relevant Facebook groups mean?

A relevant Facebook group is one that relates to the link you want to post and allows such sharing.

For instance, if you write about sports, you would share the link in a Facebook group related to sports. Of course, there are also general groups where you can post any kind of link, but I won’t focus on those here.

I’ve seen some decent-sized Facebook groups about movies, so I decided to post the link there.

That’s when I noticed that some of them, despite having a considerable number of members (over ten thousand), don’t bring any visits to your blog or, at most, two or three visits, while others bring thousands of visitors over multiple days.

This leads me to believe that many of them have fake members. I’m also considering this because you don’t see any traffic from those Facebook groups.

To better understand what I mean: when you post a link along with a picture in a Facebook group, that picture is downloaded from your website by every member of the group who comes across it. It’s similar to how major email service providers decided to block images within email messages to protect your location, as viewing their pictures could allow the senders to see your IP address.

Similarly, you can see the IP addresses of those who “wander” through that particular group but don’t click on your link to visit your blog.

And in many of these Facebook groups, with numerous members, you don’t see anyone at all, regardless of whether they are relevant to your content or not.

There are very few groups on that social network that bring significant traffic to your blog after you post a link in them.

The dynamics of sharing links in Facebook groups can vary significantly in terms of the traffic they bring to your blog. Some groups may bring in a significant number of visitors, while others may not generate much traffic at all. It’s important to consider the quality of your article and the relevance of the groups you choose to share it in.

Now, I would like to hear from you: What has been your experience with sharing links in Facebook groups? Have you found any specific groups that consistently drive substantial traffic to your blog? Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below!

Remember, by sharing your experiences, you can help fellow bloggers and content creators in their quest for effective promotion strategies.

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