How Important It Is for Domain Sellers to Carefully Choose the People They Work With

Many Times, We Like to Believe That We Are Good at Everything, But in the Majority of Cases, It’s Not Quite True. That’s Why It’s Better to Search for and Identify the Best Individuals in Their Field Who Can Assist You in What You Do, in This Case, Selling Domains.

As a domainer it is a must to choose the right people to work with to sell your domains faster

Most of the time, we like to believe that we are good at everything, even though the reality is different.

You can be the best in your field of activity, but no one has ever succeeded or will ever succeed in knowing everything. Therefore, it’s good to search for the right people who can help you in what you do, in this case, in the domain industry the domainers – meaning those who deal with internet domains.

I have noticed many times that domainers can be stingy and prefer to work alone to avoid spending money, but don’t forget that saying that goes “If you want to make money, you have to spend money.”

When it comes to me, I have always been attracted to intelligent people who can assist me with various tasks because I can’t do everything alone, at least not at a decent level. So, last year, I searched for a person who could help me with professional descriptions of the best internet domains I have for sale, with the aim of increasing my chances of selling them.

When I try to identify the right person in a specific field, I never rush. I am the type of person who can spend days in front of the computer, checking hundreds of individuals, and then making a shortlist of the best people in their domain whom I have discovered. I’m good at knowing people and can immediately tell if someone is suitable for what I want or not.

Eliana – Specialist in copywriting, marketing, and SEO.

That’s how I discovered Eliana (@worldclasscopy_) on Fiverr, even though she didn’t have a specific gig for creating descriptions for internet domains, she did an amazing job in composing fabulous lines regarding my premium names that I’m trying to sell.

Eliana from Fiverr is an awesome copywriter

Eliana is excellent at what she does, from copywriting to marketing and search engine optimization.

You can see here two examples of internet domain descriptions created by Eliana for and Eliana is truly one of the best copywriters, that’s why she received the title of “Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 on Fiverr”. I highly recommend her, and I hope we can work together again in the future.

Valentin Ivan – The artistic soul behind the professional graphic illustrations on my website.

Valentin is passionate about digital graphics, and his creations bring a clear added value to the internet domains I have for sale. From the idea behind the illustrations to their perfect realization, Valentin spares no effort in creating images that visually delight you. If you need a graphic designer who can create unique images for your product or website, you can send a request for a quote to the contact address on our website.

Below, you can see one of Vali’s creations, which, in my opinion, looks excellent.

Explore inside a glacier iceberg and discover its secrets with

That’s why it’s important not to rush when choosing the people you work with, in order to make the right choices that will help you advance in the field.

Now, at the end of the article, I have a question for you, our readers:

How do you choose the most suitable individuals who can bring added value to your activities?

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